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Ioniqe Hair Tech

Ioniqe Wireless Hot Hair Comb

Ioniqe Wireless Hot Hair Comb

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Ioniqe's new wireless hot hair comb is USB-charged and portable! Perfect for the busy, stylish type that could benefit from saving time in their hair routine. Our innovative hair care technology uses negative ions to neutralize the positive ions that cause frizz, leaving a smooth, shiny finish. The 16 insulated comb teeth are scientifically arranged and wrapped with a ceramic coating to heat hair evenly without getting stuck. This sleek design is safe with insulated shell double protection (no fear of burns) and convenient; able to fit into any bag for our busiest of days! Additionally, the USB compatibility gives you the freedom and versatility to straighten hair in the car, at home, on vacation, or anywhere! Fast heating and works on all hair types.


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